Christopher Vichiola

Title: Writer, Educator

Location: Danbury, CT United States


  • Inductee, Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement (2016, 2018)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, Al Gore For Work With Climate Reality Project (2016)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award for Outstanding Contribution To The Holcombe Rucker Basketball Entertainers Basketball Classic, The Holcombe Rucker Basketball Playground Entertainers Basketball Classic (2016)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, President Obama And Amy Pope, Deputy Commissioner Homeland Security (2016)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, Senator Chris Murphy and Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (2016)
  • Recipient, Recipient, NRA Award (2016)
  • Recipient, Presidential Partner Award, Democratic National Committee (2016)
  • Recipient, Voting Rights Award, Democracy Spring (2016)
  • Recipient, Women’s Protective Rights Award, Vice President Joe Biden (2016)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, Amnesty International (2015)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, Senator Blumenthal for Co-sponsoring the College Campus Sexual Assault Law (2015)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, Senator Diane Feinstien on Investigative Work at Abu Garihb Prison and Guantanamo Bay Prison, (2015)
  • Recipient, Commendation for Co-Sponsoring President Obama’s Iran Treaty (2015)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award for Protecting Women’s Legal Rights, Women’s Leadership Forum (2015)
  • Recipient, Commendation, Traveler’s Professional Golf Tournament (2015)
  • Recipient, Nuclear Disarmament Peace And Planet Award, United Nations (2015)
  • Recipient, As A Fitness Zone Children’s Worker Award (2015)
  • Recipient, Commendation, President Barack Obama (2014)
  • Recipient, Commendation, First Lady Michelle Obama (2014)
  • Recipient, Commendation, Senator Hillary Clinton (2014)
  • Recipient, Award, Amnesty International (2014)
  • Recipient, Climate Control Environmental Laws Award, President Barack Obama (2014)
  • Recipient, Gettysburg Seminary Museum Award (2014)
  • Recipient, Homeland Security Herb Furhman Award for Concealed Pistol Permit, Police Security Tactical Pistols Use, Police Baton, Police Mace, Police Handcuffs Permit, Police Safety Home Security (2014)
  • Recipient, Lifetime Legacy Award, Southern Poverty Law Center (2014)
  • Recipient, Security Marshal Award, Steve Sherman, World Climate Environment Protection (2014)
  • Recipient, Commendation, Gettysburg Seminary Museum (2013)
  • Recipient, Access Control/Riot Control National Security Award, President Barack Obama (2013)
  • Recipient, Award for Saving a Customer’s Life, Christian Trefz McDonald’s Restaurant (2013)
  • Recipient, Commemorative Air Force Museum Award (2013)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, President Barack Obama (2013)
  • Recipient, Gunlaw Award, Senator Chris Murphy (2013)
  • Recipient, Paul Revere’s Museum Award (2013)
  • Recipient, President Abraham Lincoln’s Cabinet Award (2013)
  • Recipient, U.S. Marshal’s Museum Award (2013)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, Michelle Rhee’s Teachers 1st & Students 1st (2012)
  • Recipient, UDT Award, Navy Seal Museum (2012)
  • Recipient, Special Commendation Award (2010, 2011)
  • Recipient, Special Commendation Award, President Barack Obama’s National Democratic Committee (2010)
  • Recipient, National Outstanding Safety Award, Home Depot (2006)
  • Featured Listee, One of 2000 of the Most Influential People of 21st Century (2004)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, U.S. Special Forces School (1998)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award, Central Intelligence Agency (1998)
  • Recipient, Eagle Award, Colonel James “Bo” Gritz (1997)
  • Recipient, Spike Navy Seal Scuba Badge, Colonel James “Bo” Gritz, (1997)
  • Recipient, Commendation for Work with Christic Institute Law Firm, Representative Jack Brooks (1991)
  • Recipient, C.I.A. Officer David Scott Weekly Award for Military S.P.I.K.E. Special Forces Schools (1998)
  • Recipient, Commendation Award for Work with Mentally-ill and Developmentally Disabled, Governor Michael Dukakis (1989)
  • Recipient, Commendation, Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty and Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Green New Deal Environmental Law Sponsor, Congressman Peter DeFazio, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Senator Chris Murphy and the People’s Climate Movement (2019)
  • Sponsor, Special Counsel investigation
  • Recipient, Legislation Award, Congressman Adam Schiff (2019)
  • Award for Outstanding Athletic Performance, Dr. Jordan Metzl Iron Strength Summit
  • Recipient, Senator Barbara Boxer Award
  • Featured Listee, Who’s Who in the World (2000-2014, 2016)
  • Featured Listee, Who’s Who in America (1999-2014, 2016)
  • Featured Listee, Who’s Who in American Education (2005, 2007)
  • Featured Listee, Who’s Who in the East (1998, 2000)


  • Bachelor of Arts, Western Connecticut State University
  • Associate of Science, Western Connecticut State University
  • Graduate, Colonel James “Bo” Gritz’s Special Forces Green Beret On-Field Medical Surgical School
  • Certified Nursing Assistant in Horticulture
  • Certified Forklift Operator, Home Depot Product Authority, LLC
  • Certified Power Equipment Operator, Home Depot Product Authority, LLC

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