Mechell Turner

Title: Owner Company: Simply Herbal Location: Peachland, NC United States       Achievements: Inductee, Worldwide Lifetime Achievement (2017) Inductee, Top Female Executives (2012, 2015-2016) VIP of the Year (2013) Entrepreneur of the Year (2014-2015) Honoree, Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian (2014) Featured Member, Pro-Files Magazine (2015) Inductee, Elite Women Worldwide (2016) Designations: Master of Education, Campbell…

Kelly A. Tomo, Pharm.D.

Title:  Pharmacist Company:  Inova Location:  Falls Church, VA   Achievements: Inductee, Worldwide Lifetime Achievement (2012, 2014, 2016) Honoree, Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian (2016) VIP of the Year (2016) Inductee, Elite American Health Professionals (2012, 2014, 2016) Inductee, Top Female Executives (2012, 2014, 2016) Professional of the Year (2009, 2012, 2014, 2016) Featured Member, Calendar Series (2013)…

Martin D. Hynes lll, Ph.D.

Title: Vice President of Quality Assurance Company: Mapp Biopharmacutical, Inc. Location: Carmel, IN United States      

James F. Stiver

Title:  Pharmacist, Health Physicist (Retired) Company: Upjohn Company Location:  Middlebury, IN United States      

Joseph B. Atuah, RPH, Pharm.D.

Title:  Pharmacist Company:  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Location: Brooklyn, NY United States Honored Member        

Elsa Gomez, MS

Title: Director of Quality Assurance Research and Development (Retired) Company:  Actavis Inc. Location: Corona, CA United States Distinguished Member    

Kevin D. Bailey

Title: Director of Quality Systems Location: Vineland, NJ United States Notable Member      

Shirley J. Leow

Title: VP of Clinical Operations & Project Management Company: AVI BioPharma Location: Broomfield, CO United States Notable Member        

Birgit Ledermann, Ph.D.

Title:  Corporate Animal Welfare Officer Company: Novartis Pharma AG Location: Landschaft, Switzerland Notable Member    

Anthony Grech

Title: Director of Pharmaceutical Technology Company: Actavis Location: Rabat Malta Honored Member        

Enrico Fasoli

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer Company: Virtuo Medical Solutions LTD Location: Abbadia Lariana LC, Italy Notable Member