Edward G. Bedard

Title: General Partner (Retired) Company: Bedard Family LP Location: Laconia, NH United States Distinguished Member          

Ellie A. Blair

Title: Owner Company: Ellie Pots Inc. Location: Lawrence, KS United States Distinguished Member      

Wade A. Rohland, M.Sc.

Title: Vice President of Research and Development Company: Northern Technologies International Corporation Location: Forest Lake, MN United States Honored Member      

Rebecca Balcom

Title: Principal, Cultural Sciences Lead (Retired) Company: Golder Associates Location: Calgary, AB Canada Notable Member        

Robbie Reeves Williams

Title: Owner Company: Inspiring Creations Location: Detroit, MI United States Honored Member      

John Reilly

Title: Director of Engineering (Retired) Company: Compaq Location: Marble Falls, TX United States Honored Member  

Virginia C. Holovacs

Title: Director of ESSN Operations and Quality Company: Foxconn Electronics Inc. Location: Houston, TX United States Distinguished Member