Frances J. Terry

Title: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Location: Seattle, WA United States      

Pamela G. Hennessey

Title: Co-Director of Resident Services Company:  Providence House Senior Living Community Location: Brighton, MA United States          

Victoria C. Nenner

Title:  Health Care Educator, Former Nurse Company:  Nenner Enterprises, Inc. Location:  San Diego, CA United States      

Trisha L. Dunning, AM, Ph.D.

Title: Chair of Nursing, Director (Barwon Health) Company:  Deakin University, School of Nursing and Midwifery Location: Burwood, VIC Australia Distinguished Member    

Ann L. Fagan-Cook

Title: Chief Executive Officer (Retired) Company: Parkview Hospital Location:  Shamrock, TX United States Honored Member        

Pat Collings, RN

Title: Registered Nurse Company: Liberty Home Care and Hospice Location: Supply, NC United States Notable Member          

Julie Bracken, RN, MS, CEN

Title: Clinical Nurse Specialist (Retired) Company: Oak Forest Hospital of Cook County Location: Evergreen Park, IL United States Distinguished Member          

Diane D. Scherr, COL(R), AN RN, MSN, FNP

Title:  Officer in Charge of the Outpatient Clinic (Retired) Company: U.S. Army Medical Department, Robinson Health Clinic Location: Fort Bragg, NC United States Distinguished Member        

Della J. Noll, LPN

Title: Licensed Practical Nurse (Retired) Location: Saint Paul, MN United States Honored Member  

Peggy D. Purchase, BS

Title: Registered Nurse Company: North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System Location: Central Islip, NY United States Honored Member              

Marcia Louisa Goodman, Ph.D.

Title: Medical Resident Company: Knox Cardiology Practice Location: East Hartford, CT United States Distinguished Member            

Patricia L. Nowell, RN, BSN, BC

Title: Assistant Director of Nursing Company: Ann Klein Forensic Center Location: Ewing, NJ United States Distinguished Member      

Karen H. Geller, RN, JD

Title: Director of Risk Management Company: Self Help Community Services Inc. Title: President Company: Karen Geller Healthcare Consulting Location:  New York, NY United States Notable Member    

Almeta Milow, RN, BSN, MSN

Title: Professor of Nursing (Retired) Company:  Mott Community College Location:  Flint, MI United States Honored Member              

Mary Anne Grimes

Title:  Registered Nurse (Retired) Location: Phoenix, AZ United States Distinguished Member          

Elaine Caso, MS, APRN, BC

Title: Nurse Educator; Nurse Company: Elmira College; Arnot Health Location: Elmira, NY United States Notable Member      

June G. Fultz

Title:  Education Director Company: Meadowview Regional Medical Location: Maysville, KY United States Notable Member