Reginald W. Bennett, MS, FAAM

Bennett, Reginald - CoverTitle: Senior Policy Analyst
Company: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Location: College Park, MD United States
Distinguished Member




  • Inductee, Worldwide Lifetime Achievement (2015, 2013)
  • Featured Member, Calendar Series, Who’s Who (2016, 2011)
  • Inductee, Elite American Executives (2015, 2010)
  • Featured Member, Pro-Files Magazine, Who’s Who Publishers (2014)
  • Professional of the Year, Worldwide Branding (2014)
  • Inductee, Deputy Director General, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England (2013)
  • Recipient, Recognition for Major Contribution in Government Service and Food Microbiology, Sterling Registry (2013)
  • Recipient, Group Recognition Award as Member of the Bad Bug Book 2nd Edition, FDA (2012)
  • Recipient, Man of the Year Award for Outstanding Pursuits and Achievement as a Senior Policy analyst, American Biographical Institute (2012)
  • Recipient, Excellence in Laboratory Science Award FDA (2011)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (2011-2012)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in the World (2011)
  • Inductee, Madison Who’s Who Registry of Executives and Professional (2011, 2010)
  • Recipient, Length of Service Award for 50 Years of Federal Service, FDA (2011)
  • Recipient, Special Recognition Award for exemplary contributions, AOAC International (2011)
  • Inductee, Lifetime Membership, Cambridge Who’s Who (2010)
  • Industry Expert, “Top 101 Industry Experts,”  Who’s Who Publishers (2010)
  • Professional of the Year, Cambridge Who’s Who (2010)
  • Lecturer, Food Microbiology Symposium, University of Wisconsin River Falls (1987-2009)
  • Nominee, Who’s Who in America (2008)
  • Recipient, Exceptional Achievement Award, CFSAN, FDA (2007)
  • Recipient, Time Off Award, CFSAN, FDA (2007)
  • Recipient, FDA Cash Award (2006, 2004)
  • Recipient, Silver Medallion Fellow Award, Kansas State University (2006)
  • Recipient, Exceptional Achievement Award, CFSAN, FDA (2005)
  • Recipient, Excellence in Leadership Award (2005)
  • Recipient, Food Defense Grant, $25,400 (2005)
  • Recipient, President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, International Association for Food Protection (2004)
  • Recipient, Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service (2003)
  • Recipient, Laboratory Global Readiness Award, US Dept. of Defense, CFSAN, FDA (2004)
  • Recipient, Special Recognition Award, CFSAN, FDA (2002)
  • Recipient, Quality Performance Award, CFSAN, FDA (1999)
  • Recipient, Group Recognition Award, Microbiology Rapid Methods Working Group, Food and Drug Administration (1997)
  • Recipient, Superior Service Award for Public Health Service (1995)
  • Recipient, On the Spot and Excellence in Science Awards, Food and Drug Administration (1994)
  • Inductee, Fellow of Association of Analytical Chemistry International (1991)
  • Recipient, International’s Harvey W. Wiley Award, Association of Official Analytical Chemists (1991)
  • Recipient, Group Recognition Award, Chinese Canned Mushroom Group, Food and Drug Administration (1990)
  • Inductee, Fellow of American Academy for Microbiology (FAAM) (1988)
  • Recipient, Distinguished Service Award, Rapid Methods and Automation in Microbiology Workshops, Division of Continuing Education, Kansas State University, Manhattan (1987-1997)
  • Nominee Chairperson, Food Microbiology Division, America society of Microbiology (1984)
  • Nominee, FDA Commissioners Employee Advisory Council (1983)
  • Recipient, Silver Beaver Award, National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America (1971)
  • Nominee Phi Sigma Biological Society, University of Pittsburg (1955-1958)
  • Recipient, Certificate of Participation in Rapid Methods Workshop, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Recipient, “On the Spot” Award, Public Health Services Supervisor


  • Coursework, NIH Graduate School, University of Virginia
  • Master of Science in Microbiology, University of Pittsburgh
  • Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, University of Pittsburgh

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