Sean Lalsingh Harribance

Title:  President

Company:  Sean Harribance Institute for Parapsychology Inc.

Location:  Sugar Land, TX


  • Inductee, Worldwide Lifetime Achievement (2016)
  • Named, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Aide-De-Camp, Alabama State Militia (1975)
  • Recipient, Key to City, City of Baton Rouge (1975)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in the World, Marquis Who’s Who (2002-2016)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Marquis Who’s Who (2003-2017)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Marquis Who’s Who (2002-2012)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in America, Marquis Who’s Who (2002-2016)


Anu P.: “I have known Sean for nearly 30 years and he is a remarkable person who is truly gifted in parapsychology. He is very passionate about the research he has done in cancer and brain waves and how it has tremendous healing potential. He truly deserves this accolade of lifetime achievement in research.”

Craig P.: “It has been my good fortune to witness the work of Sean Harribance for several years. I have done so as a skeptical journalist and I must say Harribance has demonstrated the validity of extrasensory perception in multiple ways by any objective measure. He has been important to scientific research in parapsychology for more than 50 years. His consistency in performing laboratory experiments with several scientists has earned him the reputation as the world’s most tested psychic. Although ESP remains controversial in scientific circles, Harribance’s body of work has been a significant factor in a gradual shift toward acceptance. He will be remembered for his major contribution to science and a greater understanding of consciousness.

Teresa O.: “I have also known Sean for nearly 30 years. He is a true remarkable with his predictions. One of the most powerful predictions was the vision of the Hurricane Katrina he predicted seeing New Orleans under water. On personal level Sean advised me to ensure to get flood insurance since I live in New Orleans.”

Roberta C.: “Congratulations to Sean Harribance, who has brought dignity and science to psi research. Recent books like Evidence for Psi and ExtraSensory Perception (2015) and the Mensa Bulletin (2016) article document “explanations for the unexplainable find credibility in mainstream science.” Harribance also uses his extraordinary ability to help ordinary people find solutions to life issues. I am in awe of his dedicated commitment to scientifically understand his gift and share that knowledge with the world.”

Brian H.: “I and many of my friends and family have been clients of Sean’s for years.

Being read by Sean is truly an experience that someone has to go through to understand the depth of what he can pick up! When I set up my very first reading, I was advised over the phone to come in and just listen before asking questions. This would show me what Sean would pick up from my photographs alone and not from something I said. This was my first observation of Sean’s honesty and dedication to accuracy in a field that has many skeptics.

Over the several years that I have known Sean, I have seen him devote his time, energy and resources to help the scientific community have tangible, measurable and specific results as to how his brain waves work differently from the average “norm”.

I know I can speak for my friends and family, when I say that this lifetime achievement award is long overdue but also another step closer to understanding the amazing gifts that Sean has as well as what this knowledge will do for mankind!”

Sally F.: “I have known Sean Harribance directly and indirectly since the early 1970’s when he demonstrated his psychic ability in controlled ESP studies at my father JB Rhine’s laboratory in Durham NC. Sean has continued to participate in successful studies with other scientists to this day, rather selflessly in an effort to help science better understand his talent, while also continuing to be of help to so many individuals with his successful readings. I particularly appreciate his humility and spiritual foundation that seem to sustain his long life of psychic talent.”

Ralph F.: “Sean Harribance has dedicated his life for helping humanity he is a good man that believes in Jesus”

Carol CL.: “John Locke, one of the most influential of enlightened thinkers of the 1600’s, theorized “whatever I write, as soon as I discover it not to be true, my hand shall be the forwardest to throw it into the fire.” This is the way science works. To accept validity when introducing anything into the population, science uses the process of observing something that must be capable of repeated testing turning up the same results, time over time.

Parapsychology, PSI, pseudoscience – I prefer cognitive anomaly – is nothing more than the mental action of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought and the senses, conscious and unconscious, but the anomaly of it is its inconsistency with the current understanding of nature.

Sean Harribance, the most widely studied human of cognitive anomaly, is awarded recognition after 50 plus years of dedicating himself to the world of scientific study. Hundreds of articles and books written by the scientific community are based on experimentation and analysis of Sean’s capabilities. Without Sean’s generosity and willingness to subject himself to the whims of science we may not have had the freedom to explore our own capability of awareness. In addition to scientific study, I am grateful for Sean’s teachings and insights over the years.

Congratulations, Sean, for your achievements.”

Stacey B.: “Sean has a true heart for the betterment of humanity. He sees each person as a unique individual, and never judges on their outward appearance.”

Jeffrey H.: “I have known the psychic Sean Lalsingh Harribance for the past 50 years , having first met him one evening at the home of a mutual friend in the city of San Fernando in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, his birthplace and I have never ceased to be amazed at his amazing ESP abilities.

I have, personally, found him to be unerringly accurate in his predictions of national and international events be they political, economic, like the movement in crude oil prices, or natural disasters. His personal readings are also uncannily accurate and one must conclude that he is a genuine psychic and the literal lineal descendant of Edgar Cayce.

He thoroughly deserves the Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Sam B.: “Thank you for recognizing Sean Harribance’s incessant research in the field of science. Sean’s love of science and research have led him to search for intuitive verities in his field. He is a modern day rishi whose works mimic his ancestral heritage of ancient India. Like his ancestral rishis, they submit all theory to inscrupulous experimental verification. Like all creative scientist, he knows the true laboratory is in the mind, where behind illusions they uncover the laws of truth. The modern day rishi ignores time and embraces eternity and knows the indivisible unity of all life. With his meditative abilities, he is in the cosmic empire of endless bliss.”

Asha K.: “In 1979 there was a very impressive article in the Houston Chronicle on Sean Harribance and his predictions. I was stunned. I contacted him for a reading and the rest is history. As a Statistician I have had an opportunity to analyze data on his predictions. I can say that his readings are more than accurate and his predictions are not by chance alone. I sent several of my university colleagues for a reading by Sean. Needless to say all of them were stunned.

In 1998 I was invited to give a talk at a conference on Parapsychology in honor of Sean in his native Trinidad. It was an amazing experience to talk to the Prime Minister and the President of Trinidad whose lives Sean had touched. Sean was like the holy saint of Trinidad. People followed him where ever he went.”

Michael P.: “Because of his willingness to be measured within the laboratory while engaging in his extraordinary capacities, Mr. Sean Harribance has contributed to major discoveries which could be the bases for a neuroscience of psi. During periods of his accurate reports about other people’s behaviours and memories who are not proximal, multiple measurements have shown that Mr. Harribance expresses a unique electroencephalographic (EEG) signature over his right hemisphere paired with an increase in photon emissions and local decreases of Earth’s magnetic field over the same region. Dual measurements of the subject’s and Mr. Harribance’s quantitative electroencephalography (i.e., brain waves) indicate coherence between their cerebral activity. The duration of this signature is related to the accuracy of his statements about other’s mental states. Calculation and measurements show that the quantity of that energy is conserved. When his unique EEG signature is applied as electric current to brain tissue, electric potential responses occur that suggest that the Harribance signature may access fundamental microstructures of the human brain.”

Brian S.: “Congratulations to Sean Harribance on this lifetime achievement award. Sean is a truly gifted individual who has strong psi abilities as shown by his many clients who are amazed at his ability to ‘know you.’ Through both research and psi readings, he has tirelessly sought to understand the nature of psi over his lifetime and to share this knowledge with humanity. Sean has made a major contribution to this field as recently highlighted in the Mensa Bulletin of 2016 and the 2015 book ‘Evidence for Psi and Extra-Sensory Perception.’ Although future work still must be performed to truly elucidate the mechanisms, Sean’s work over the decades has laid the foundations for new field of science.”

Gary N.: “I have know Sean Harribance for 4 years. As an allopathic physician, I came initially as a skeptic, but have now seen the remarkable abilities that this brilliant, kind, and altruistic man possesses. He has been so very precise in his predictions in regards to my work and my family! The insight that he has and the elegant way in which he is able to express this, make his gifts a constant and vital part of my future planning. As a scientist, I have followed closely the work that he has done in the field. He is mentioned prominently in the Mensa Bulletin of 2016, and his most recent book, “Evident for Psi and Extra-Sensory Perception” is iconic. Simply put, Sean is one of the most unique individuals of our generation. The mechanics of his abilities will be understood at some point in the future; but, the impact of his work is being felt in the lives of many in the present.”

Shannon S.: “I have seen Sean over a span of 20 years and have four complete readings. I must say that I return not only to prepare myself for the journey ahead but to learn how to leverage the intersections and opportunities that life presents.
In Hawaiian there is the term ‘Ho’okele’. In practical terms the Ho’okele would steer and navigate canoes across vast expanses of the Pacific using their understanding of nature, the winds, the stars and the sea; by watching birds and sea life; and by attuning to the rhythm of the Earth’s energy, carving a sure path towards land and destiny. Ho’okele does not merely mean navigator, it means ‘wayfinder’. Sean is my spiritual Ho’okele.”

Aaron B.: “Having known Sean, met and talked with Sean, having sent friends to Sean, and being aware of their outcomes, having personal knowledge of his many experiments that he has done and continues to be a part of for the benefit of mankind, I can attest, without a doubt, that he has many gifts from the Holy Spirit that stem from his faith and believe in God. In my opinion, he has the gifts of understanding, of prophecy, and of healing which he uses for good purposes of helping individuals as well as breaking new ground to cure dreaded disease. In spiritual terms. Sean is a blessing to all who know him, and Sean will
be a blessing in the future to many more who do not.”

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  1. I have been familiar with Mr. Sean Harribance’s work for over thirty years. His dedication to quality research, and his reliability and persistence are a testament to his tremendous success.

  2. Jane Butler says:

    I have followed Sean Harribance’s stock market predictions for 38 years. He has been about 90% accurate. His psychic readings are astonishing and the experience is most rewarding. Janie Knapp

  3. Bernice Soto says:

    Sean Harribance is a phenomenal person who has sacrificed to bring wisdom to the subject parapsychology. Sean has been my mentor and coach for 16 years in which I have had the privilege to experience the Harribance Effect. Sean’s psychic readings have been and continue to be a positive influence of my wellbeing. Sean has changed my life.

  4. Shirley guzman says:

    I have known Sean Harribance for over 20 years. My family has greatly benefitted from his precognitive accuracy, wisdom, and kindness. The world is a better place for his presence in it. It’s a privilege and grace to experience one of his readings and to be in his presence. I also want to mention Chris Harribance his wife and companion who is also a most positive influence. My life is better knowing them. He deserves much more from humanity than he has received.

  5. Candace says:

    I have known Sean Harribance for over 15 years and know he has a gift. He has written multiple articles about parapsychology and has done a ton of great work in cancer research. I’ve seen Sean’s gift shown multiple ways in my life, but now it is exciting to see how his gift not only has healing potential, but is getting accolades for his contribution to science. Based on his life of service, Sean is truly receiving-of this lifetime achievement award!

  6. Ralph Fontcuberta, Jr. says:

    I have know Sean Harribance for over 25 years. He is a man of integrity and strong character. As a man of God, and a Christian, he has devoted his life to help humanity not looking for any financial reward. He has donated his time for many years for no financial compensation. His foundation has supported and worked to help support his efforts. He is well deserving of this reward and a strong man in helping his fellow man.

  7. Mary Fontcuberta says:

    Congratulations to Sean on this prestigious award. I have known Sean for many years. Sean has truly been blessed with a gift to help mankind.

  8. I had a reading from Sean in 1989 where he spoke about, what at that time was, my distant future. I always thought back to see if the things he predicted would come true. I have to admit that he was convincingly accurate and I’m thankful for the opportunity to have experienced his special talent. I know he’s provided decades of wonderful service for other people all over the world and I can think of no better candidate for a Lifetime Achievement award in his field than Mr. Sean Harribance.

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