Dr. Duncan E. Berry

Berry, Duncan - CoverTitle: Consultant Legislative Counsel
Company: Global Legislative Drafting Services
Location:  Nairobi, Kenya
Distinguished Member


  • Celebrating 50 Years in Legislative Drafting (2016)
  • Director, Legislative Training Course, Kenya School of Law (2016)
  • Inductee, Worldwide Lifetime Achievement (2015)
  • Inductee, Lifetime Membership, Worldwide Branding (2015)
  • Professional of the Year, Worldwide Branding (2015)
  • Featured, Commemorative Issue of The Loophole to Mark Retirement as Secretary for the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel CALC Conference, Hyderabad, India (2011)
  • Recipient, Presentation of Commemorative Plaque for Services Rendered as the Secretary for the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel, CALC Conference, Kenya (2007)
  • Member of Amnesty International Australia (1977)
  • Founding Member, Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel, The Commonwealth
  • Member of Clarity International
  • Member of Plain Language Association International
  • Member of SCRIBES
  • Member of the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights
  • Member of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice
  • Member of the New South Wales Bar Association
  • Member of The Statute Law Society


  • Doctorate of Juridical Science, UTS, Sydney, Australia
  • Master of Laws, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Master of Public Policy, The University of Sydney, Australia
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Nottingham, England
  • Graduate Diploma in Communication Management, UTS, Sydney, Australia

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